Communicate With Confidence

AB Caregivers Emcee 2011

I’m excited to have added the “Communicate With Confidence” page to my blog.

Some of the things that I will write about on this page might include topics like:

  • Public Speaking Tips
  • Learning to listen louder
  • Giving effective feedback
  • My Speaking Thoughts
  • Wisdom from my professional Speaking Guru’s
  • Other speaking stuff

My ‘Communicate With Confidence’ TIP 4 Today:



And now, it’s time for me to PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE for the three speaking opportunities that I have this week!!!

Tuesday at 7:00AM – Present speech and PowerPoint presentation at my Morning Challengers Toastmasters Club meeting

Wednesday at Noon – Club Coaching at the Confidence Builders Toastmasters Club where Distinguished Toastmaster, Peter Kossowan (aka Mr. Toast)  will be our very special Guest Speaker!

Wednesday Evening –  It’s the last week of ‘Teen Toastmasters’ at Strathcona County Library. The absolutely awesome kids  will present their final 4-5 minute speeches, and receive their Toastmasters International “Youth Leadership Program” certificates. With around 40-50 family/friends coming out to cheer the kids on, it sounds like our young speakers will have quite the audience to present their speeches to.

Yes, it’s going to be one busy and exciting week for this Toastmaster Gal.

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