We are all much more courageous than we know…

AB Caregivers 2011 Proclamation

Emceeing the Alberta Caregivers Association “2011 Caregivers Day” event at City Hall in Edmonton.

Was I nervous? You bet I was!!!

Did I love being the emcee?  Absolutely!!!

Now, according to The World Health Organization, public speaking is the #1 fear across the globe!! This is something that most people do hundreds of times a day; talking, chatting, speaking. Yet for millions, perhaps billions of people in the world, public speaking IS their greatest fear!

I’ve had many colleagues and friends say to me, “ Glenda, I just don’t know how you can get up in front of audience and talk!!! You are so courageous!!! I’d rather die that do a speech in front of anybody, anywhere, anytime”.

So, I’ve learned that the majority of people don’t like (some detest) to stand up in front of an audience; many don’t like ‘having’ to do presentations at work (some have even admitted to calling in sick on the day they were supposed to do their presentation), and some people can become physically sick when they are asked to speak in front of an audience.

Many folks have asked me, ‘Aren’t you nervous? Don’t you wonder what your audience is thinking? 

My reply, “Yes, I can be extremely nervous depending on the audience I am speaking to. But for me as a speaker, “being nervous’  helps me focus all of my attention on the audience, why they’ve come to hear me speak, and the message that I’m promising to deliver I’ve also found that ‘being confidently nervous’ keeps one humble “

As a Toastmaster and professional speaker, I’ve learned that we can spend way too much time thinking about ‘our’ speech or ‘our’ presentation, when really, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE AUDIENCE!!!

Of course, preparing and practicing  your speech/presentation are of the utmost importance.

Being passionate and knowledgeable about your topic (no mater what the topic is) are also of the utmost importance.

But I believe that THE absolute most important is: ‘knowing and caring’ about your audience. Before speaking at an event, I always remind myself, that without the audience, I’m just one person speaking to an empty room. Keeps one humble for sure.

Now, do I personally find it quite extreme that some folks would rather die than stand up and speak in front of an audience.? Yes, I do.

But then, we ALL have fears, don’t we? I certainly have my own fears that I’m constantly working on overcoming. 

Hmmmmmm, public speaking is one of my greatest passions in life. Perhaps, it does take courage to be a speaker…

 “We are all much more courageous than we know” 

My Pink World

Well it’s official! I am finally creating my first REAL blog. It’s taken longer than I anticipated, that’s for flippin sure!!!

I won’t make any excuses about why it’s taken a long time, but I must say life, time, AND technology had something to do with it.  I’m just happy that I’m on my way! Yeah!!!

So what is ‘My Pink World‘ about?



…a place to share my heart, thoughts, and dreams, but mostly and always, a place that I can just be “Darrel’s Mom”…

I’ll begin by introducing the most important person in my life, my son Darrel.


And me,  the one sharing her heart, thoughts, dreams, and cherished memories of life and love between a Mother and her Son.

Glenda FAV photo

The journey has been long, one filled with miracles, joy, and unconditional love, but also with unthinkable twists and surreal turns. Just like everyone else I guess.  We all must have courage and guts to get through anything… But sometimes I wonder HOW??

This journey has also led to many lives being changed forever and ever, to uncertain beginnings, and  to a story of love and legacy.

Now, I’ve been told by many writers, authors, and friends, that everyone has a story that needs to be told.  I remind myself that every time I sit to write. I have at story that someone somewhere needs to hear.

So Cheers to more new beginnings, Cheers to “My Pink World”  the place where my story can be shared.

This one’s for Darrel, “A heart that has loved well never goes; it has planted love and will forever live” ~ S.R. Santos.

This one’s for me (especially today) “‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” ~Lao Tzu

For now, I’m just grateful to be here.  Step, step, step, here she goes…