Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing

Benjamin Franklin


Building a better world .

This is probably the most difficult page for me to complete. Does one share who they believe themselves to be OR maybe it would be easier to write through the words of what other people see, believe, or want us to be.

So as Benjamin Franklin said, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”, I’m going to stop writing for now and go do something worth writing about.



— It's Official

Well it’s official! I am finally creating my first REAL blog. It’s taken longer than I anticipated, that’s for flippin sure!!!


— We Build Together

…a place to share my heart, thoughts, and dreams, but mostly and always, a place that I can just be “Darrel’s Mom”…


— We Strengthen

The journey has been long, one filled with miracles, joy, and unconditional love, but also with unthinkable twists and surreal turns. We all must have courage and guts to get through anything…


— We Learn

This journey has also led to many lives being changed forever and ever, to uncertain beginnings, and  to a story of love and legacy.


— We Share

Now, I’ve been told by many writers, authors, and friends, that everyone has a story that needs to be told.  I remind myself that every time I sit to write. I have at story that someone somewhere needs to hear.


— We Begin

Cheers to more new beginnings, Cheers to “My Pink World”  the place where my story can be shared.


“I want to save a life today”

I read a story today that reminded me of the immense power that every person has to positively change the lives of others, or perhaps even save someone’s life. The best part of the story; a simple wave or smile could make all the difference to another person. 
The Story…

200 Things to Throw Away % | Embracing Homemaking

Living with less isn’t about the number of things you get rid of it’s about living with enough to be content and getting rid of the rest.  The rest is just clutter, unnecessary, energy-…


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